This is me


Make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along,’ Paloma Faith

I was born into a farming family and grew up outside as much as possible on the farm helping with the sheep, pigs, chickens, ploughing, harvesting and shovelling …. plus permanently dressed in dungarees and wellies. At the age of four I started horse riding lessons which consisted of being plonked on a Shetland pony named Bingo and a slap across the rump (pony not me). Think Thelwell! After I had mastered staying on board my parents bought me a pony of my own and although I no longer have a horse today, riding is a passion that I continue to this date at a local equestrian centre.

At sweet sixteen I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity of living and studying for two years at a small beautiful rural college of agriculture where I was able to continue the riding and sometimes helped agricultural student friends on the farm. It was these early years of my life that kick started my love affair with the great outdoors hence my blog name of Happy Outdoors.

Next stop the bright lights of Manchester for four years as a student. Slight culture shock for someone who had always live in the country but brilliant nonetheless and it was here that I was introduced to hubby by a mutual friend. The rest as they say is history! A piece of my heart will always be Mancunian but after thirty something years and a proud Mum to two now grown up sons I find myself a lady of a certain age living where I am happiest in a tiny rural village in Norfolk.

Gardening is a love that was encouraged by my Dad and I started nurturing my own flowers and vegetables at an early age. I am content pottering in the garden on evenings after work and at weekends still growing many of my own plants. Other leisure time is spent walking, visiting places of interest, some travelling and cake testing in many different eating establishments. I have a keen interest in nature, the countryside, green issues and chocolate.

This is me and I have been inspired to do something different and create this site by reading many of your various social media posts. Hopefully my occasional random ramblings about my gardening exploits and other activities may be of some interest to you so here we go together……..